New York

New York is now one of the safest cities in the world, with a policeman on every street corner and roving patrols of heavily armed cops there is little chance for a would be terrorist to wreak havoc in the city.

Or is there? All the cops and all the guns in the world can’t react fast enough for to stop a vehicle-based attack on a pedestrianized area. The only option is to barricade off streets, like some sensitive areas in the city already are; but you can’t do that everywhere.

Barriers can be unsightly, impractical or impossible to place. Deliveries still need to be made, street design may make it difficult to cordon off or locals may object. Street Shield can overcome all those problems with a simple, unobtrusive solution.

By placing small Street Shield modules in pedestrian areas, people can be warned off vehicle attacks when they happen. They are given vital seconds to react to save themselves and not rely on a well-placed policeman to take a lucky shot.

Street Shield can give peace of mind to citizens going about their daily business. Nobody should be expected to be on constant alert for a threat there is no way to protect against. Street Shield keeps the citizens of your city safe.

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