Street Shield was developed in response to a growing problem – vehicle attacks on pedestrians. Terrorists are turning to the simple but ‘effective’ method to spread fear in innocent people.

It is not a new phenomenon but it has gained new prominence with the attacks on Nice, France and the Berlin Christmas Market. As in Melbourne, mental health issues can also play a part in similar acts.

Street Shield was designed by us to give vital seconds to react for people on the street. By constantly monitoring pedestrian areas and giving clear, directional warnings it allows people to take control of their own destiny and take evasive actions.

Street Shield was designed by experienced security and technology professionals to provide instant defence against an emerging threat. We use advanced computer vision technology in modular units that make it easy, quick and cost-effective to deploy as a first layer of protection. It can also be integrated into a physical barrier system upon demand. With either implementation Street Shield can keep your city safe.