As the attack on the Berlin Christmas market showed, people now have a new fear in the back of their minds – a fear they shouldn’t have. One lone wolf terrorist no longer needs access to guns and explosives when they can kill and maim far more people using an everyday object.

Coming at a place and time of the year that should have brought joy and magic to the people attending it, Anis Amri instead wiped out 12 and injured a further 56, some seriously. It is particularly jarring that a festive event should be the staging ground for an atrocity like that – to turn a dream into a nightmare.

There are many other markets out there though, terrorists have an abundance of choice. People like us shouldn’t live in apprehension of the next attack when doing something as simple as going to the market. That’s why Street Shield’s solution is easy to install, providing instant protection at a low cost. As security professionals we believe in keeping cities safe in the most effective way possible. We believe in Street Shield.

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