Car Attack in the Heart of London

The British authorities had long feared what happened yesterday, perhaps they didn’t anticipate it quite so close to the seat of democracy. Parliament buildings themselves are well protected against car and truck attacks but once again a terrorist has chosen to strike the soft targets around it to maximise the tools they have available.

So far three innocents have died and many more were injured by one lone individual using those most everyday of items – a car and knives. Our thoughts are with the families of those affected but also to how such attacks can be prevented in future.

Street Shield can be easily, cheaply and quickly deployed to protect your city and your citizens against such marauding attacks – giving them vital seconds to respond and escape. A target like Westminster bridge could be covered by Street Shield in a few hours with a minimal cost. We developed our technology to stop the devastation caused by attacks such as these and can work with you and your city to provide peace of mind to your citizens.

Contact us now to find out how.

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