Car Attack in Germany

As we write this one person is dead and two others hurt after a man drove his car into a group of people outside a bakery in Heidelberg, Germany. One person in the group of four was able to jump out of the way reports say. There is no apparent terrorist motive and the man responsible was shot by police after a stand off.

The kind of attacks that Street Shield is designed to tackle will continue to happen. They have always happened – we can remember incidents going back many years – but now they get blanket media coverage after the Nice and Berlin attacks. That increased coverage makes it seem like they are more common than they used to be but unfortunately it will also make it more common in the future. Lone actors have often been inspired to commit copy cat attacks as part of their mental imbalance or in observing how effective they can be. We can only take preventive measures rather than stop them all.

The ability to avoid injury is what we want to give to people with Street Shield. With our system it is possible that all four could have been given the vital advance warning that lets them save themselves. Contact us now for more information.

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